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PBDNK & Associates, New Delhi, India is a technical and professional service provider to reputed international companies dealing in high technology systems and instrumentation, and providing them with professional and in-country support services. We have the privilege of being associated with a number of reputed international companies to name a few:

Zygo Corporation-USA:

  • Laser Fizeau Interferometers
  • Non-Contact 3D Optical Profilers
  • IR Interferometers

Harwood Engineering-USA:

  • High Pressure calibration Systems and accessories
  • High Pressure fittings, Valves
  • High Pressure calibration services

Aquila Instruments-UK:

  • UV-VIS-NIR Spectrophotometer/nkd system

Arizona Optical Systems-USA:

  • Optical Design, Manufacturing & Supply of Meter Class Optics/Mirrors
  • Mechanics, Motion Control & Opto-mechanics Capabilities
  • Alignment & Measurement

We have been efficiently serving various Indian Govt. organizations, Indian Industries for almost 20 years with our experienced team. Our major thrust areas are in the field of Space Research, Defence Research & Development, Scientific & Research instruments, Dimensional Metrology system/Test Systems/Calibration systems.

As a matter of policy, we always support the systems of our principals through qualified technical personnel employed by our company. These engineers undergo training at our principal’s facility. Mr. Kumar Pratyush, Chief Executing Officer has been trained at Zygo-USA and Zygo-Singapore, Harwood Engineering-USA, DMT-Germany. He has served Zygo’s Indian customer for almost two decades. This creates a lot of confidence and generates goodwill for our principals for future business opportunities. We also stock essential spares on the systems supplied by our principals.

Having been in this business for a long time, we are now accustomed to dealing with any situations effectively and have built an excellent rapport with our customers.